Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend was so much fun

I loved getting to play with cash . He is getting so big...

We had a picnic at the park it was way fun having everyone in town.

The kids loved coloring Easter eggs. Preslee wanted all of them to be pink. And by the time we were done Peyton had cracked 23 out of 24 Eggs. He was just trying to help start the deviled eggs. And they were yummy.

I can't believe its time to potty train my baby. She doesn't feel old enough. Peyton was so easy to potty train. And Preslee is loving it to as you can see. I guess I am good at making them think they will really turn into princesses and super heroes if they go on the potty. Hehe

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 and Main our favorite place for lunch and of course cupcakes. As you can see preslee is shy, quite, and very prissy her brother on the other hand is wild, crazy, still shy around most people but he is such a snugly sweet boy.