Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving Moving Moving Sucks

Part one moving is the worst so i have been taking pictures the last two months i just lost my computer cord the first time we moved in july now we have moved again up north and yeaahhh i found the cord so we are back in buisness. So this is an over load of our crazy summer

4th of july preslee posing in the middle of changing into her swimsuit. i had to get that cute little butt..

First time bowling... Outback party... I miss st g outback

A trip to enterprise with the stucki's My sons goggles were cracking me up...

A trip to zions pizza noodle with nana papa and our favorite cousin huddy.

Park days
cutest girl ever ready for the pool

Meeting annie i did not think my kids would really sit through the whole show and the did it the were in love with it. Preslee was on the edge of her seat singing tomorrow.... She loves annie... enough to watch is three times a day at least...

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ryanfam said...

Hope you are adjusting well to the new place! We will always miss you, but St.George will always be home:)
I'm glad you updated and got some great pics on there!